Sunday, June 9, 2013

Messages in Fiction - Brian's Point of View

People often talk about fiction in terms of the messages it expresses, or the ideologies that the author is trying to convey through it. People sometimes ask me what sorts of messages I'm trying to convey with my comic, Think Before You Think. The truth is, I don't always know. Although it deals with some serious issues, I would say the primary purpose of it is to entertain, but there are indeed messages in it, because I think whenever a person creates a work of fiction, it will reflect the way the person thinks, and that person's values will come out somehow.

My characters often say things in ways that I don't agree with, or that I would never say myself. Of all my characters, though, I think the one whose worldview is the closest to my own would be Brian. This makes sense, in a way, because Brian is the most omniscient character in the comic (he knows what everyone is thinking) so his view of the world he lives in would probably be more balanced and accurate than most people's, but still subject to my own biases, which are foisted upon his universe.

But I also think Brian's approach to life is very similar to mine. He is, at times, painfully honest, and that nearly gets him into trouble sometimes. Or course, Brian is a somewhat reserved character - he rarely states opinions, and the audience never sees his thoughts, so the messages that come through Brian are somewhat subtle.