Sunday, April 22, 2012

Webcomic Potential

Before I started Think Before You Think, I wasn't a big fan of webcomics. I'm still not a big fan of webcomics, although I've found a few that I really like now. That was one of the main reasons why I started TBYT - because I couldn't find anything like it. I wanted to create something I liked that didn't exist yet. The way I saw it, most webcomics fit into certain genres that didn't appeal to me much - fantasy, video games, fake manga, etc. I saw a lot of potential that didn't seem to exist yet in comics. And I actually got a lot of my inspiration from TV.

There's a lot of advice floating around the internet about how to make webcomics. I don't really like advice much, especially as applying to something so my own as my comic. There's all this stuff out there about writing and plots. I never liked plots much. They tend to either follow a predictable pattern, or be way too complicated for me. That's one thing that makes Questionable Content unique - it progresses, but it doesn't suffer from this plot thing.

They say not to break the fourth wall. I think some of the most interesting ideas come from breaking the fourth wall, but they say that because so many people do it in a clich├ęd fashion. When I made my Lifehouse fan comic, I ripped out the fourth wall and twisted it back over itself, and made it into a fourth wall mobius strip.

I think sometimes following advice inhibits people's creativity. Like they're looking for a way they're "supposed" to do things when really it might be best to do the opposite. When it comes to webcomics, I don't think you need to think too far outside the box to be original.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just the First Frame

It's been a while since I wrote here, but a new comic sharing website just caught my attention. Just the First Frame looks a lot like Pinterest, with a highly visual layout. It promotes comics by displaying the first frame of any given comic page, and linking it to the whole page on the comic's own site.

I like this idea because it displays a preview, something visual to attract attention, without stealing whole comic pages and publishing them without the creator's permission, thereby depriving creators of potential ad revenue. Although personally I wouldn't mind anyone publishing some of my individual comic pages as long as they link back to my website.

So I think this is a cool site - it loads lots of frames pretty fast, making it easy to browse through several comics pretty quickly. My main concern is that anyone can request comics, but only the creator can add them, and that limits the site's ability to grow and become a big networking tool.