Friday, August 5, 2011


So, you probably know that there are a lot of webcomic listing sites out there, and it seems kind of redundant, but you add your comic anyway because it's just one more link. Today I discovered a relatively new webcomic listing site, inkOUTBREAK. I think it's pretty cool because it serves many purposes. It has a frame like StumbleUpon where you can view your webcomics, and it will keep track of what comics you've read and save your place in them for you. Yes, Piperka already does this (I think), but inkOUTBREAK is also like Pandora. It suggests a bunch of comics for you based on your preferences for genres and the comics that you favorite and block. And it shows you when your favorite comics have updated. Like StumbleUpon, the frame makes it really easy for readers to surf comics. If you don't like one comic, just jump to the next one in your queue of recommendations. This seems like the next big webcomic thing. It already has a bunch of popular comics listed, and seems to be growing pretty fast. I just discovered it, though. What are your impressions of it?


  1. ok, I understand that. but how does inkoutbreak not get sued for diverting all the traffic off of the original site? Surely there must be advertising profit loss from the authors or something...?

    1. I don't think so. Their frame allows people to see a site just like they would otherwise, except with the frame at the top. Like it still shows all the ads.

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